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Eichler's Judaica Store Gift CertificatesWhen a celebration arises and ideas for Jewish gifts have been exhausted, some would be gift givers are stymied by indecision. They linger over display cases at our Judaica store hoping the featured items will miraculously change into something they imagine the recipient will enjoy.

Eichler’s has a suggestion for indecisive gift shoppers. Why not purchase a gift certificate for the bar mitzvah boy, bride and groom, or loved one?

We’ve heard all the objections to our idea. Gift certificates are not personalized enough, they involve extra work for the recipient, and no one remembers who gave them a gift card, to name a few issues.

The truth is that most people appreciate the option to pick a gift for themselves, especially if the alternative is something they don’t want, don’t need, and have to return. Furthermore, every time they look at the item they purchased with the gift certificate, they will be reminded of the gift giver. Additionally, the experience of shopping in Eichler’s is a pleasant one, so we are pretty confident the recipient will be thankful for that as well.

We offer two types of gift certificates valid for purchase on seforim and other items in-store and online, respectively. Contact us today to purchase one and experience true happiness on the face of the recipient!


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Posted on: Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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