Bring the Passover Table to Life

Passover 2013Making a special meal is all about the details. The special touches are what takes an event from merely enjoyable to memorable. Our extensive selection of Passover-specific items, like matzah plates, charoset dishes and wash cups, are a great way to enliven the festivities. These traditional items allow you to impart your personal style onto this ancient holiday.

Although smaller items like a matzah cover and charoset dishes are not essential in the same way a Seder plate is, they are still important pieces. Jewish art is another way to mark just how special Passover is. After all, during the Seder we ask, “What makes this night different from all other nights?” All these little pieces weave a tapestry and that tapestry is the story of Passover. We even have Passover music and recorded spiritual lectures to enrich your Passover experience.

It is the little things that count, and that is why we carry every little thing you can imagine for Passover 2013. Your table spread is an extension of you, so spare no expenses when planning and decorating for Passover. Need some inspiration? Check out some home décor magazines, and start shopping on our website before it’s too late!

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Posted on: Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 2:23 pm

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