Haggadahs for the Passover Seder

artschagWith Passover just around the corner, customers should check to see if they have a Haggadah for each family member on hand for the Seder. No one likes to share and it creates confusion during the Seder. Giving each guest a Haggadah can make the Seder easier because although the pages will be numbered the same, having a few different versions has its merits. For example, you will probably want one with pictures to keep the kids entertained during the long pre-dinner services.

Goldberg Passover Haggadah is something of a classic. It is a high quality, yet highly affordable, Haggadah. If you have participated at a large Seder in a Jewish community center, this was probably the Haggadah they circulated for use. It’s only $2.99 so it won’t cost you a lot to order a handful. After all, you don’t know who will be stopping by last minute.

For children, we suggest the Artscroll Youth Haggadah. Not only does this Haggadah contain illustrations on every page, it contains the full Haggadah text, translation and some notes to help kids understand the Seder. The paperback version is only $7.50, which is a great deal for a Haggadah with over 50 full-color illustrations. It really brings the Pesach story to life.

Order now from our Judaica store before the celebration of Passover is upon us!

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Posted on: Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 1:19 pm

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