Tasty and Traditional: Purim Gift Baskets

Purim Gift BasketThe tradition of giving food on Purim has its roots in the Purim story. The book of Esther calls for Jews to give a portion of their food to the needy. Over time the tradition has evolved to also include food gifts given out of affection, not charity. At Eichlers.com we are offering a wide range of Purim gift baskets that are kosher, delicious and healthy!

We have a wide range of Purim gift baskets. If you are gifting to one recipient, we suggest the 4-Section Tu Bishvat Gift Tray. This small tray is under $15 and is perfect for couples or singles. It features four dried, candied fruit. For a slightly larger family or to simply up the magnitude of the gift, you can opt for the 6-Section Tu Bishvat Gift Tray which also features fruit and nuts for under $25. If you are seeking to bestow a truly extravagant gift, pick the Dried Fruit Fruitopia. This $300 gift basket is a sculptural artwork rendered in dried fruit. It’s a real show stopper.

Remember, you don’t have to give a basket. You can buy a few for your home and offer them to all your guests. It’s a rewarding way to spread the wealth.

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Posted on: Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 2:23 pm

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