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Jewish booksIt may seem odd to hear an ancient text, or meditation on an ancient text, on a computer or iPod but it is becoming increasingly popular. You can argue, though we would argue otherwise, that actively reading the text is better. What you cannot argue, however, is that when being forced to choose between listening to a religious text in digital form and not engaging with it at all, it is better to take it in its digital form. There is nothing wrong with adopting technology if it makes you more spiritually committed.

That is why we are happy to bring you a diverse range of religiously themed media in CD form. These are ideal for commuting, long car trips, or just taking in some spiritual information at the end of a hard day. You would be surprised how a good reading can really bring a piece of static literature to life. Our CDs cover a diverse range of topics, from marriage to friendship and happiness. You may be reluctant, but once you start it can be seriously addictive. The way you engage with the information may be modern but that doesn’t change the ancient nature of the wisdom it holds. Try a Jewish book on disc today!

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Posted on: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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