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Jewish booksChanukah may be over, but we are still offering stellar deals on Judaica items. Currently, all our ArtScroll books are being offered at 20% off. These books range in topic, from Jewish history and religious texts to kids’ mysteries and family reading. Our sale on ArtScroll books ends the 25th of December, so select your reading materials now.

For kids, we suggest A Children’s Treasury of Holiday Tales. This brilliantly illustrated book is bursting with holiday appropriate stories. You can take it off the shelf every holiday and read to your kids. The tales are designed to teach young children about the holidays while offering non-stop entertainment. The book is illustrated by renowned children’s author and artist Connie Frank.

The fan of Jewish historical fiction should pick up a copy of A Promise Fulfilled. A Promise Fulfilled weaves together stories about Jewish communities around the world during different times. Parts of the story take place in Nazi-occupied Paris, 15th century Spain and 19the century Poland. All these smaller stories play out as part of a much larger narrative. The book is educational, entertaining and offers a unique take on Judaism throughout the ages.

These are only two of the exciting Jewish books we have on sale. Hop over to our main site to see more!

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