High Holidays is around the corner!

Check out our new High Holiday Section Everything you need for the season all on one site and shipped to your door! bannermain

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Its Time to Buy a Shofar?


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Eichlers Annual Talis and Tzitzis Sale – What is it all about?

At Eichlers of Flatbush and Eichlers.com we have a special sale only occurring once a year which we call the Annual Talis and Tzitzis Sale.

We offer a unique way of shopping ofr a Talis that everyone will have an easy time to find the exact one you are looking for via our Talis Wizard.

As well as for Tzitzis, our Tzitzis Wizard is unique as well, offering all kinds of different Tzitzis available on the market as well as special customization you may want.

emailextendedOrder now, the sale ends 6/30/14!

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What is the idea of Mishloach Manot?

3-4-5_recipe_box1 At Eichlers.com we offer many types of Shalach Manot Baskets to fulfill each and every need and taste. Check out our vast selection after you read a little about what is the idea behind giving Mishloach Manot.

Mishloach manot are gifts of food that Jews send to each other during the holiday of Purim. “Mishloach manot” literally means the “sending of portions” in Hebrew and this mitzvah is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food to enjoy the traditional Purim feast. It is also seen as an opportunity to strengthen relationships among people. The custom comes from the biblical Book of Esther, where the Purim story is recounted. Esther 9:22 reads: “as days of feasting and gladness, and sending portions of food to one another, and gifts to the poor”

In order to fulfill the mitzvah one must send at least two different items of food to one person. Any kind of food can be sent so long as it is ready to be eaten immediately. For instance, fruit or baked goods that are ready to eat would be acceptable but raw meat that requires cooking would not be appropriate. Drinks are also acceptable. Often mishloach manot take the form of gift baskets that contain an assortment of edible goods. Anyone bar or bat mitzvah age is required to fulfill this mitzvah, though of course younger children should be encouraged to participate in the custom.

In addition to the food, a second part of the mitzvah of mishloach manot involves making two donations to charity. Many Jews will fulfill this portion of the mitzvah by contributing funds to an organization.

Click Here to see our selection!


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Artistic Dreidels Make Brilliant Judaica Gifts

Eichler's Judaica Store - Metal and Stone DreidelNot all dreidels are intended for spinning endlessly around the house in an effort to acquire all the money in the pot. Some are collector’s items, art, intended for display on mantelpieces, in breakfronts, or on bric-a-brac shelves. Such dreidels can be handcrafted, stone encrusted, and of a fragile creation.

At Eichler’s Judaica store, located in the heart of Midwood, Brooklyn, we feature the dreidels of many up and coming and already famous Jewish artists. Yair Emanuel’s collection features a metal structure worked into a floral motif and topped with polished blue stones. Israeli artist Tamara Baskin opts for glass as an artistic medium. Her collection of dreidels features a slightly flattened base in a variety of vibrant colors. Several of the models also feature artistically worked stems.

Gary Rosenthal combines metals with glass in his Chanukah collection. In addition to the traditional dreidels, Gary created a line of hanging dreidels, ornately worked metal frames with glass dreidels dangling from them. For an example, the Miniature Musical Dreidel set features a music note and dreidel bound together into a seamless whole.

Stop by our flagship store or check us out online and take advantage of our dreidel collections and other great Jewish gifts for Chanukah!


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Secret of the Bookshelves at Our Judaica Store

Eichler's Judaica Store - Bar Mitzvah BookendWhen people take a look at a bookcase, they usually zero in on the volumes on the shelves. They comment on the rare books, whistle over the expensive sets, and wonder aloud whether the owner has actually read all the books. Some more discriminating observers may comment on the unique bindings of a set of seforim or the interesting patterns on a wooden shelf. However, the backbone of the presentation often remains unrecognized.

Bookends are a pivotal part of the bookshelf ecosystem, for they save the books from tumbling this way and that. Sometimes they unobtrusively melt into the background, and sometimes their unique composition begs attention.

Bookends can be of simple plastic design or elaborately carved from a piece of mahogany imported specifically for that purpose.

At Eichler’s Judaica store, we sell bookends in several styles for a variety of different occasions. We have bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah styles; they are perfect Jewish gifts for a coming of age party. Best of all, they make a unique gift because no one else will think to get them!

Come by our Midwood-based flagship store or check us out online and pick up some nice bookends and other great products!

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Jewish Gifts for Grandma’s Chanukah Party

Eichler's Judaica Store - Chanukah Hostess SetChanukah has become a time for family get-togethers with near and distant relatives gathering for food, drink, cheer, and a few rounds of dreidel. Gifts are exchanged, secret family recipes swapped, and wallets of pictures unveiled.

We put together a short list of Jewish gift recommendations for some of the family members sure to be in attendance at the party.

Whether our customers choose our recommendations or any other options from our vast selection of Jewish gifts, this year’s family Chanukah party will be one of joy, laughter, and fun. Head on over to our flagship Midwood Judaica store to take advantage of the amazing prices at our massive Chanukah sale!

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Dreidels Spin Uncontrollably at Judaica Store

Eichler's Judaica Store-White DreidelsWe have often wondered what would happen if we spun hundreds of dreidels on the floor of our Coney Island Avenue Judaica store. Beyond the inevitable tripping and falling, it would probably be a pretty cool sight.

The dreidel has steadily become symbolic of the holiday of Chanukah, rubbing shoulders with the menorah and sufganiyot, or fried jelly donuts. Its origins are murky, but tradition indicates it was used by Jewish people as early as the Maccabee revolution.

The four-sided dreidel is marked with four Hebrew letters, which serve as a reminder for the miracles of Chanukah. On a deeper level, they may also correspond to the four exiles of the Jewish people.

The traditional rules of dreidel are simple. Rolling a gimmel nets the whole pot, a hay nets half, a nun nets nothing, and a shin requires the player to deposit back into the pot. The pot can be anything from jellybeans to cash, depending on preference and the intensity of the game.

Avid dreidel players argue incessantly about the virtues of wooden dreidels versus the cheaper plastic models. Like many gamblers, serious dreidelers tend to have a preferred dreidel.

Come by Eichler’s and take a look at our vast display of dreidels, menorahs, and other Judaica gifts for Chanukah.

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Chanukah Comes Early to Local Judaica Store

Eichler's Judaica Store - MenorahsChanukah comes rather early on the Gregorian calendar this year. Its occurrence during the fall season is markedly different from its usual arrival in the cold winter months. The calendar change doesn’t affect the traditions of Chanukah, but it does provide two side benefits. First, it’s less likely to be as cold outside this year, so there’s no excuses for missing Aunt Bessie’s Chanukah party. Second, people will not get as easily confused between Chanukah menorahs and other holiday lights.

Eichler’s Judaica store makes a practice of being prepared for everything. In fact, we are pretty convinced that if aliens ever land in Brooklyn, we will be there to greet them with specially made Welcome To Earth kippas. In the area of Chanukah, we are fully stocked with everything from oil for the menorah to themed paper goods for the family party (sorry Aunt Bessie).

We are particularly proud of our extensive menorah collection with varieties made of tin, brass, aluminum, nickel, and ceramic. We even carry children’s models with fun themes, including soccer, castles, and ballet.

Give us a call today and we’ll spend some time discussing our great prices on menorahs, Chanukah gifts, and shelves of splendid seforim.

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The Yarmulka: From Artsy to Zany

Suede KipaThe yarmulka, or kipa, is a basic part of Jewish life. It has become so second nature that many people don’t notice it, unless it’s an unusual model.

The basic concept of this head covering is to inspire its wearer to remember G-d everywhere and behave accordingly. However, the material, color, and style of this head covering is more or less up to personal choice. With that said, communities have developed accepted styles that their adherents choose to wear.

The black or blue velvet model is the mark of the mainstream Orthodox Jew with a “yeshivish background.” The suede version, in a variety of colors, is the hallmark of Modern Orthodoxy, while the satin style is more popular with non-Orthodox groups. Crocheted skullcaps are popular with religious Zionists, among others. White crocheted covers are the sign of a Breslover chassid.

Some cultures have also developed distinct styles. A famous example is the fantastically patterned and slightly taller caps of Jewish people originating from Bukhara in Central Asia. Yemenite Jews wear a velvet model with a wide border decorated with a floral or similar pattern.

Whatever style of yarmulka a person wears, he is emphasizing his connection to G-d and the rest of the Jewish people around the world. Eichler’s Judaica store is a proud supplier of this essential unifying product!

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